Blackwell Scholarship Program

Scholarship History

The Nicsa/William T. Blackwell Scholarship Fund was established as a tribute to former Nicsa President Bill Blackwell’s commitment to education.

Bill is remembered for not only his long career at State Street Bank and a President of Nicsa, but also for the honesty and integrity that he displayed in his business and personal life.

Since the scholarship program's inception, the fund has made over $400,000 in awards to NICSA member company families to help students with financial need reach their goals. The NICSA / William T. Blackwell Scholarship Fund is endowed through donations by individuals and NICSA member companies.


The Blackwell Scholarship is administered by The Philanthropic Initiative, in conjunction with the Boston Foundation. Working together with The Philanthropic Initiative, the Boston Foundation assures that the intent and spirit of Nicsa and William T. Blackwell will be carried out and maintained.

About The Boston Foundation

One of the oldest community foundations in America, the Boston Foundation, is a public charity that provides support for nonprofit organizations.

About The Philanthropic Initiative

The Philanthropic Initiative, a division of The Boston Foundation and manager of various scholarship programs for corporations, foundations, associations, and individuals, administers The Nicsa/William T. Blackwell Scholarship Fund ensures that applicants are selected without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation or gender. Selection of Blackwell Scholars are made by TPI.


The Philanthropic Initiative | Robin Baird, 617-338-2694